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Do You Share Recipes For Your Products?

We work hard to develop and test recipes before they become part of our product range. Although we get inspiration from food trends, magazines, the internet and even some favorite drinks. By the time a recipe becomes one that we use, it has been tested and adapted many times. For this reason, we consider the recipes proprietary and cannot share them with customers or even our moms. If you would like to bake our goodies at home try our mixes, fresh baked goodies at home with all the guess work taken out.

What Types of Flour Do You Use?

We currently have 4 different flour blends that we created for the various goodies we make.  We use rice flours, xanthan gum, tapioca flour/starch, potato starch and milk powder. Not every blend has all these ingredients so check the labels. We do not use pea flour or chick pea flours.

Is Your Kitchen Peanut or Tree Nut Free?

Our kitchen is dedicated Peanut and Tree Nut Free, we do not use any ingredients that may contain either peanuts or tree nuts.

Does Your Baking Contain Soy or Corn?

We do our best to avoid soy and corn but it does show up in 2 places. Corn Starch is used in icing sugar and our chocolate has soy lecithin in it. 

Are You a Gluten Free Kitchen?

We have our own dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen that is not shared with any other company.

Do You do Custom Orders for Special Events?

Custom orders are a favorite of ours and we love to do them when we are able. We have done gender reveals, weddings, meetings and other special events. We are always honoured to be part of your big day, contact us to see if we can work together.

Do You Use Food Colourings?

We do not use artificial food colourings, all our colours are achieved by using the natural colour of fruits, teas or chocolates etc. That being said we do have fun sprinkles that contain food colouring.

Where Can I Find Your Products?

We are in grocery stores, restaurants, mercantiles and coffee shops. Click on our Find Us Page to see where we are. Please note different locations carry different products, you may need to contact them to see what they have to avoid disapointment. 

Do You Have Vegan/ Plant Based Goodies?

We do! We offer Vegan donuts, cinnamon buns and cookies. We are working on perfecting our vegan pastry so we can make tarts/pies. Our Mixes are also able to be made vegan so you can enjoy fresh baking at home. If you are Gluten Free/Dairy free but still eat eggs you can also enjoy our Big Bite Brownies.

My Question Isn't Here.

Please email us with any questions you may have that aren't covered here.